Meetings and Events with the British Embassy

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, there were a number of outreach events held by the British Embassy throughout Austria. In addition there were also various meetings and online events held. Many questions asked have been made available through the Embassy’s website, and also supplement their “Living in Austria” guide as well as being an impulse for revisions and addenda to that content.

Where British in Austria is invited to participate, we try to ensure that we reach as many British citizens as possible, and have a remit to produce simple and easy to understand FAQs that we publish through our website and also link into questions asked in the Facebook Groupsthe Facebook groups draws upon its two Facebook groups as a source of questions to address in FAQs or to refer to the authorities or to request clarification from government ministries or HM British Embassy. These groups can be found at: British in Austria: British in Europe ~ Austria:  . In addition we also engage in regular correspondence with employees at the Embassy to try to increase awareness of the situation of UK citizens living in Austria, irrespective of where in Austria they are, their personal and social standing.

FAQs from Online Q&A session on 26.11.2020 – questions received through the Ambassador’s blog and the Embassy’s social media presence.

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