Financial Bootcamp

The Guide’s Financial Bootcamp is inspired by a piece that appeared in The Guardian from 4 September 2021. Not all of the 28 items mentioned in the Guardian’s piece are directly transferable or applicable to Austria, and in some cases there are alternatives in Austria that do not exist in the United Kingdom.

The aim of The Guide’s Financial Bootcamp is to help give people an idea about some of the possible financial nips and tucks that can make a difference to your financial situation that you might not have been necessarily aware of, or ways of simplifying your financial affairs (such as getting rid of unused accounts, cancelling unwanted services, or even reducing the temptation to shop until you drop!).

Its purpose is as a general pointer, and doesn’t constitute a recommendation of any particular financial product, and you should always consider your own specific financial circumstances carefully before taking out financial products, and also be aware of penalties for early redemption of investment products.

Bootcamp Pages

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Deposit Insurance – how is your money in a bank protected?

In the event of your bank falling into difficulties, your immediate instinct might be to try to get your money ...
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Introduction Austria and the United Kingdom both have state pension systems that are based around contributions and qualifying years, with ...
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illustration showing credit card functions for different payments

Austrian Credit Cards

Austria is traditionally seen as a country where cash is king, but with the advent of online shopping, and accelerated ...
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Consolidate your Severance Contributions

If you have worked for multiple employers during your time in Austria, there is a good chance that your severance ...
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