Disabled Parking Cards

Austria has an equivalent of the “blue badge” that the UK uses, which is known as a Parkausweis. The Parkausweis allows users to make use of special stopping and parking privileges.

To make use of these parking privileges, you must display the parking card in the vehicle so that it is clearly visible in the windscreen, and if you use the stopping privileges, you must show the parking card on request.

In most provinces, however, where there are fees for parking, parking is usually free of charge for holders of parking cards, although it is best to check to be on the safe side. This also applies for vehicle drivers if they are transporting a disabled person who holds a parking card.

Holding a card can also be used as proof of disability for applying for financial assistance for having a vehicle adapted as well as for applying for a disabled parking space.

To obtain a parking card, the applicant needs to have a disabled person’s pass, as issued by the Sozialministeriumservice that states “Unzumutbarkeit der Benützung öffentlicher Verkehrsmittel wegen dauerhafter Mobilitätseinschränkung aufgrund einer Behinderung“. (English: ‘Unable to use public transport because of a permanent restriction of mobility due to a disability’.)

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