Moving from Austria to the UK

This guide is primarily aimed at British Nationals and family members leaving Austria and moving back to the UK.


As a counterpart to our Moving from the UK to Austria guide we have produced this overview of the things you need to consider when you go the other way (i.e. moving from Austria to the UK). This guide is primarily aimed at British Nationals and their family members.


When you leave Austria for good you need to de-register (abmelden) your main residence within 3 days of moving out. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to €726 (2023). Further details are on this website.

Residence Permits

The generic advice we have received from Vienna is that MA35Magistratsabteilung 35 Residency and citizenship issues in Vienna are handled by Magistratsabteilung 35 (MA35). It has several offices in Vienna and where you need to go depends on whether or not you are an EU citizen (you go to one or other of its EU Referat offices depending on the district you live in), or its premises for third country nationals. would like the Article 50 cards back when you leave for good. You can put it in an envelope with an explanation as to why it is being returned or put in a postbox near the entrance. For other areas in Austria, please ask at your local Bezirkshauptmannschaft.

Your Article 50 card is linked to the ZMR database, which in turn is liked to your MeldezettelMeldezettel Austria requires everyone living in Austria (both Austrians and foreigners) to register their place(s) of residence with the local authorities. The confirmation of this registration is called a Meldebestätigung (EN: confirmation of registration), although it is still affectionately known to many by its former name (the Meldezettel). This is done at your Meldeamt in the Gemeinde or Bezirk you live in. You are required to do your registration within three days of arrival. It is important to do this also because your qualification for permanent residence starts to run from the point of your registration.; so updating your Meldezettel should also update the ZMR data.

CAUTION: For those with a 5-year Article 50 card it is valid for up to 12 months (6 months in most cases) after leaving and for those with a 10 year card you can have up to a 5 year continuous absence before it becomes invalid. If you hand your card back and you change your mind, it will be more difficult and costly to get it back.

Non-Article 50 residence permits have different rules (e.g. An RWR or EU Blue is tied to an employer), so different rules might apply especially on absence rules and restrictions.

Transfer of residence to the UK

The UK Government has produced a comprehensive guide on importing belongings, pets and motor vehicles here. There is also a guide on Returning to the UK as a British National

Church Tax

If you are currently paying the Austrian Church Tax, please ensure that you notify them that you are leaving the country. You do not need to pay the Church Tax if you are permanently resident in the UK.

TV Licence

The ORF Beitrag has now replaced GIS. If you leave Austria, you should inform them.

Non-British Spouses/Partners

Non-British Family Members wanting to settle in the UK with their British Spouses need to apply for a Family Visa. Associated with this are minimum income requirements. From 11th April 2024 the minimum income requirement has risen from £18,600 to £29,000 and by early 2025 this is due to rise to £38,700 (link). The NHS Health Surcharge is also due to rise to £1035 per year in 2024 for adults and £776 for children/students.

If you are the unmarried, non-registered partner of a British National, then your options will be limited with a stricter criteria (e.g. providing proof you have been living together for over 2 years).

Austrian Tax Residency and Exit Tax

More details on this article

Consolidating Pensions

The BiA Guide on Pensions is worth reading as it could be used to increase your entitlement in the UK if you have acquired pension rights in Austria


There are rules on taking your pets (e.g. cats and dogs) back to UK, this link may be useful, including where to get additional help. This may take a bit of extra planning if you want to take the pets back by air. There are currently restrictions on doing this and it is likely that you may have to employ a specialist freight cargo handler (extra time and expense). BA have a sister company British Airways – Information about Pet Travel to handle this, Austrian airlines currently do not offer this service. Of course you can go by ferry.

Motor Vehicles

You can usually use a vehicle with foreign number plates without registering or taxing it in the UK provided that all of the following conditions apply:

  • you’re visiting the UK and do not plan to live in the UK
  • the vehicle is registered and taxed/insured in Austria
  • the vehicle is only used for a total of up to 6 months in a 12 month period (i.e. as a single extended visit or several shorter visits over the course of 12 months)

The UK Government Guidelines for Vehicle Imports are on this link.

Caution: Please think very carefully about the cost effectiveness of importing an Austrian registered vehicle in to the UK. Residual prices for second hand vehicles in Austria are likely to be higher than the UK especially as they include the cost of the NoVANormverbrauchsabgabe The Normverbrauchsabgabe (NoVA) is a one-off fuel consumption tax to be paid at your local tax office when importing a car previously on foreign number plates..

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