What does the vaccination mandate look like for 14-17 year olds?

Update 22.01.2022 14-17 year olds are no longer subject to the vaccine mandate. The Impfpflichtgesetz applies only to adults from the age of 18. Information about proposed inclusion of 14-17 year olds (no longer applicable). In the consultation draft of the bill, 14-17 year olds were due to be covered by the forthcoming Covid-19 Impfpflichtgesetz […]

How are medical exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine mandate handled?

Update 22.01.2022: Wordings below changed to reflect passage through parliament and removal of provisions regarding 14-17 year olds. Austria is introducing compulsory COVID-19 vaccination for residents aged 18 and over from 1 February 2022. The legislation (Covid-19 Impfpflichtgetz) waspassed by the Nationalrat (parliament) in mid-January 2022. From the consultation draft of the Covid-19 Impfpflichtgesetz, Article […]

The Covid-19 Einreiseverordnung implies that it remains in force until 28.02.2022. Is this definite, and not subject to change?

In the amendment of the Covid-19 Einreiseverordnung 2021 that entered into force on 25.12.2021, Article 12 para. 14 Covid-19 EinreiseV states that the Regulation is due to be repealed on 31.01.2022. Subsequently, on 20.01.2022, the Regulation’s validity was extended until 28.02.2022. Thereafter, there are various possibilities: The Covid-19 Einreiseverordnung 2021 will be fully repealed with […]

I was advised that I can expect a fine in relation to a breach of the Covid-19 Einreiseverordnung. What fines are possible?

Some people have received forms requiring them to provide information due to not having all/some necessary information when entering Austria from abroad. Some have claimed that they are unaware of there being fines in place for breaches of the Covid-19 Einreiseverordnung (Covid-19 EinreiseV). While the sanctioning provisions are not contained in the text of the […]