What does the vaccination mandate look like for 14-17 year olds?

Update 22.01.2022

14-17 year olds are no longer subject to the vaccine mandate. The Impfpflichtgesetz applies only to adults from the age of 18.

Information about proposed inclusion of 14-17 year olds (no longer applicable).

In the consultation draft of the bill, 14-17 year olds were due to be covered by the forthcoming Covid-19 Impfpflichtgesetz (Article 1 para. 2) frequently dubbed “the vaccination mandate” provided that they were resident in Austria (either in the form of their own MeldebestätigungMeldezettel Austria requires everyone living in Austria (both Austrians and foreigners) to register their place(s) of residence with the local authorities. The confirmation of this registration is called a Meldebestätigung (EN: confirmation of registration), although it is still affectionately known to many by its former name (the Meldezettel). This is done at your Meldeamt in the Gemeinde or Bezirk you live in. You are required to do your registration within three days of arrival. It is important to do this also because your qualification for permanent residence starts to run from the point of your registration. or a Hauptwohnsitzbestätigung). From the draft version of the law that was sent out for consultation, there was a differentiation, depending on whether they themselves were deemed able to make the decision themselves (a concept known as “Entscheidungsfähigkeit” covered in Article 173a of the General Civil Code), or in the case that they were not, then their parents or guardians will be responsible for making the decision.

Britishinaustria.net will not enter into any discussion regarding interpretation of the legislation. This information is provided solely to advise about the existence of the consultation draft and the final legal text as a source for obtaining legal clarity, and to provide information for anyone seeking to make use of the exemption on justified medical grounds.

In case you are visiting this page looking for further information about Covid-19 vaccination in Austria, please check out the information provided in English by the ÖIF (information is provided in 17 languages).

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