Delays at the Passport Office

(Information as of 10th October 2020)

  1. We were assured that the backlog has now been cleared and the system is working efficiently again
  2. Anyone who was forced to buy an Emergency Travel DocumentEmergency Travel Document The Emergency Travel Document (sometimes also called an Emergency Passport) is issued for British citizens abroad who need to travel who do not have a passport for travel (e.g. due to loss/theft/expiry of their previous travel document) and are unable to apply for one in time. Full eligibility criteria can be found on the section of the UK Government Website about Emergency Travel Documents. could be eligible for a fee refund if on the date this document was issued you had a passport application pending with HM Passport OfficeHM Passport Office HM Passport Office is responsible for the issuing of British passports. The British Embassy does not handle regular passport applications, but can issue Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs). Further information about getting a new passport urgently can be found on the section of the UK Government website on Getting a passport urgently which was delayed due to COVID-19. You should send your Emergency Travel Document, issue date and Passport Application Reference number to

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