Some people leave feedback on Facebook others via the website. Why?

A lot of people have left feedback about their experiences on Facebook, but the website is intended to also help us reach people who actively choose not to use Facebook. In addition, Facebook does not have a satisfactory data collection process, and we therefore use the forms to be able to alert the specific team members about the particular cases.

We have a number of mail filters set up that pre-process the feedback forms – splitting them by province, Bezirk (for all provinces except Vienna) rating, status of the applicant. For the second form, we are also able to identify cases where people have been requested to submit new information, or gain an idea about the time it takes to process the new cards around the country, as well as any bottlenecks for their delivery.

In addition, we use our website to ensure that the data remains in the EU, rather than wherever Facebook chooses it to be hosted.

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