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    Thanks for your reply and for your advice.

    I submitted my application last week along with a letter explaining the situation. I opted to be honest, and apologized for my actions. I don’t work as unfortunately I got ill (without a health insurance), and its really been in the last few months or so that I have been better. I am not married to my long-term partner of over 20 years (I simply don’t want to get married to anyone even if it made things easier). I have been living with my partner at my current address for a number of years, and only recently he managed to co-insure me. Unfortunately, we were not aware about the option of Mitversicherung (co-insurance) until very recently. I know that my case looks weak, and of course, I am really anxious and scared. The thought of being separated from my partner who I can’t expect or want to leave his academic research here, is frankly very hard to bear. Yes, I am healthy enough now to get a job, but I can’t do that until I have some form of permit that would allow me. I don’t want to apply for jobs without a permit, as I feel in my situation that would be wrong to mislead a potential employer or annoy the government here. I will be honest, I wasn’t thinking clearly and I made a terrible decision of not applying before the deadline out of shear paranoia. I have to wait and see, what their decision is and if they can help me out in some form.

    I was wondering do you/or anyone else know, if I get the deportation orders or Schengen Ban, would my friend/sibling (British) be able to drive me and my belongings back to the UK in a vehicle (with a UK registration plate)? It would be easier for me go by road, as i would have to move my belongings. Would I be able to return to Austria after a time period, let’s say on a student visa as I am keen to change my career? If that’s a not an option, would I be able to move to Ireland (CTA) despite a Schengen ban?

    Many thanks once again for your time and help.