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        Im Austrian and my boyfriend is from the UK. We currently live in Barcelona – Spain, where he has the residency card for 10 years, but this year we want to move to Austria. I’ve been trying to understand what the process would be for him.

        Is he eligible for the Artikel 50 EUV moving later this year to austria, or is it only for people that where already living there before the brexit?

        I’ve been reading about the “Aufenthaltsbewilligung” – but there are many different types of cards unter this name and I’m not sure if he’s eligible for any of them. And does anyone know if having a residency card from another EU state makes the process in Austria easier?

        I’m generally looking if someone could shed some light what someone whos moving form the Uk to Austria has to do, and what he has to apply for.

        Thank you alot in advance!

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        mikeMichael Bailey

          As a British citizen, he will not be eligible for the Art 50 EUV card as he was not resident in Austria as of 31.12.2020 – the onward freedom of movement does not exist – the Withdrawal Agreement rights would not apply to him. We are currently updating our content – and will have a lot for “3CN Brits” but are still trying to get the content together.

 might be a good starting point in the mean time.

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