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      keithjdKeith Davies

        On 1st June 2021 A1 has introduced roaming charges for the UK. I have checked the websites of the A1 MVNOs/branded resellers and emailed some of them and they are in varying degrees of being updated but here is the current summary:
        Yesss, Bob, Red Bull Mobile – Confirmed GB Zone 1 (Roaming charges)
        Kurier Mobil, Krone Mobile, Georg, Simfonie – GB Zone 1 (Roaming charges)
        BilliTel, Educom, Goood, Kwikki, Wowww, Yooopi – GB Zone EU (“Might” not have roaming charges )
        Lycamobile AT – Looks like EU (TBC)
        Mtel – ?

        At the moment it looks like Magenta and Drei have not followed suit but who knows what happens in the future.
        Please check with your provider if going to the UK, check your statement AND please don’t ignore those text messages in the UK.
        Might be good advice to set a roaming limit too!

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