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Introducing the British in Austria Honours List

The British in Austria Honours List is our way of acknowledging the contribution made by individuals and organisations.

The UK honours system sometime seems mired in controversy. Recent lists have seen recipients subsequently stripped of their “gongs”, accusations of cronyism, or resignation honours awarded by a PM who was outlived by a supermarket lettuce. Others disagree with the honours list due to their views on the monarchy and the British establishment.

After three years of British in Austria being around as a website, that there were a number of people who have made contributions worthy of acknowledgement, so we’ve decided to also come up with our own BiAthe Facebook groups draws upon its two Facebook groups as a source of questions to address in FAQs or to refer to the authorities or to request clarification from government ministries or HM British Embassy. These groups can be found at: British in Austria: British in Europe ~ Austria:   Honours List.

It is our way of saying thanks to people who have been very active over the last three years, as well as to highlight eminent British citizens in Austria, who make a positive contribution to life in Austria. Given the trying times of the pandemic years, we have also chosen to honour people who contributed to producing content to help keep spirits high in times of decided isolation.


  • Our honours list is open to both British and other nationalities (especially Austrian) provided they have made a significant contribution to Brits living in Austria and ideally, they should be resident in Austria.
  • Individuals, teams or businesses must either be known to the main British in Austria team of volunteers, or may also be nominated by British in Austria members/users.
  • Active members of the British in Austria team, current and former diplomats (e.g. embassy/consulate officials) and members of political associations are ineligible for consideration.

Have we missed someone?

We’re aware that some provinces might have more people named than others – if you feel your province is under-represented, please feel free to suggest names for future editions of the BiA Honours List.


We have several fairly loose categories, and are naturally also open to suggestions for further categories.

  • Societies and Communities
  • Broadcasting and Journalism
  • Food and Beverages
  • Performing Arts and Entertainment
  • Academia, Education and Industry
  • Sport

We’ll be announcing the honours grouped by categories in the coming days.

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