Reminder: check remaining validity of your UK passport before Art 50 EUV card application

Please make sure that your passport is not very close to expiring when you apply for your Art 50 EUVAufenthaltstitel "Artikel 50 EUV" The Aufenthaltstitel "Art 50 EUV" is a residency title to be issued to British citizens from the end of the transition period. Its name is derived from Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The "Titel" refers to the document or card itself, and not the right, or permission that it confirms. card, particularly if it is valid on the day of your appointment, but expires while the follow-up processing is being conducted. If it expires during this period, the authorities may delay processing, including that of family members until you are able to provide a valid passport. There is also the distinct possibility that they might stamp your new passport and charge you a second time for the stamp fee of EUR 14.30.

Note: According to the Federal Chancellery Website, there is no need for a minimum remaining validity of six months – as some British citizens have been told when trying to apply with passports with a shorter remaining validity.

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