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2nd Covid-19 Vaccination Green Pass validity shortened from 1st February 2022

If your had your 2nd Covid-19 vaccination between 7 May and 5 August 2021, from 1 February 2022 your will need a booster for 2G status.

From 1st February 2022, with the change in validity of the second vaccine dose being reduced to 180 days from 270 days, it will mean that anyone who has only had two doses of the vaccination, but who is not subsequently classified recovered from a Covid-19 infection (genesen), will no longer be considered to have 2G status (i.e. geimpft/genesen). As of 1st February 2022, the change to a 180 day limit from 270 days will mean that anyone whose second vaccination was between 7th May 2021 and 5th August 2021 will no longer be considered 2G unless they have subsequently gained “recovered” (genesen) status.

A booster dose will be required to be considered fully vaccinated (geimpft), with valid 2G status retained for 270 days following the 3rd vaccination (booster) i.e. until 29th October 2022 if you receive your third vaccination on 1st February 2022.

Information page in English from the Ministry of Health about Covid-19

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