I have lost my Austrian driving licence. Is there a replacement fee for issuing a new card?

The standard charge for a replacement Austrian driving licence is EUR 49.50. There is an additional “express fee” of EUR 11.25 if you require a new card urgently. Source: https://www.oesterreich.gv.at/themen/dokumente_und_recht/fuehrerschein/3/Seite.040200.html

If I buy a car and register a car in Austria, can I drive it in Britain without having to import it there?

You can usually use a vehicle with foreign number plates without registering or taxing it in the UK provided that all of the following conditions apply: you’re visiting the UK and do not plan to live in the UK the vehicle is registered and taxed/insured in Austria the vehicle is only used for a total […]

What legal consequences are there if you don’t exchange your UK driving licence?

What legal consequences exist if you don’t exchange your UK driving licence? Anyone resident in Austria has six months from establishing residence to exchange their UK driving licences for Austrian ones. This applies to citizens of all nationalities. This means that all UK citizens qualifying for the Art 50 EUVAufenthaltstitel "Artikel 50 EUV" The Aufenthaltstitel […]

Can I go to my own doctor for my medical for exchanging my driving licence?

No. You need to go to a Doctor who is on the list for where you are exchanging your licence other than your normal doctor. This is done on purpose to ensure that doctors are not placed under duress to sign someone off as fit to drive. Lists of doctors can be found for the […]

UK Driving Licences must be renewed when you turn 70, is this the case in Austria?

UK licences are required to be renewed when the holder turns 70, whereas an Austrian licence does not have a fixed expiry date. However, standard healthSozialministerium The Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection is responsible for the following fields: The health care system Initiatives for people with disabilities Consumer protection Public […]

I exchanged my British driving licence for an Austrian one. Do I need to get my British licence back to drive in the UK?

Just as you can drive on a British licence in Austria if visiting for a short visit (e.g. a holiday), you can also drive in the UK on your Austrian licence if visiting (Source: gov.uk Living in Austria). If you move back to the UK, you can continue to drive on your EU Member State […]

Am I required to officially import a UK registered car if I bring it to Austria?

The short answer is “yes”, you have 1 month grace. The ÖAMTC website has basically all the information you need about how to go about it. A quick summary: If your main residence is in Austria (and if you are on this site, it probably is), that is, you are not here on holiday or […]

Do UK driving licences exchanged in another EU Member State, need to be exchanged again?

UK driving licences, irrespective of the citizenship you hold, are required to be exchanged for an Austrian licence by 30.06.2021. In some cases people may have already exchanged their licence in another EU country, and subsequently moved to Austria with that (non-Austrian) EU licence. Austria does not always permit exchange of EU licences that were […]

Will British Citizens be able to use their UK driving licence in Austria?

The answer depends on whether you are resident in Austria or not (and of for employment in Austria you are likely to be required to be resident). Under Austrian law relating to driving licences, British citizens resident in Austria will need to exchange their licences by 30 June 2021. Family members joining you in Austria […]

Why do I need to change my UK Driving Licence to an Austrian one?

If you are resident in Austria, you will need to exchange your UK driving licence for an Austrian one by 30 June 2021. Validity of licences with additional categories (e.g. for driving certain types of vehicle or pulling large trailers) that are issued in another EEAEEA The European Economic Area (EEA) consists of the 27 […]