Can my child born after 2021 also get an Article 50 card?

Children born after 31.12.2021 qualify for an Article 50 card.

  • The Article 50 card holding parent(s) must still be legally resident in Austria. They must be a Full rights holder.
  • You must apply within three months of the child’s birth. For children born in another country, the application deadline is three months after the baby’s arrival in Austria).
  • If a local authority declines your application, please advise us via the form below. We will ensure that the BMIBundesministerium für Inneres The Bundesministerium für Inneres (BMI) / Ministry for the Interior (UK counterparty: the Home Office) is competent for public security, policing, border control as well as residency and citizenships. It is also responsible for elections and direct democracy instruments as well as the civil service in the respective provinces, as well as municipal level where they are not covered by the Federal Chancellery. contacts the authority to ensure their correct understanding.
  • If your child does not have a passport when applying, show proof of application for a British passport for them. Submission of the passport is necessary to conclude the procedure.

This has also been documented on the Austrian Federal Government website in English – “When and where do my family members need to apply?” and in German – “Wann und wo müssen meine Familienangehörigen den Antrag stellen?

If you have problems, let us know and we will pass on your information to the BMI.

Legal basis: Article 3 para. 3 Brexit-DV

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