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    How many times can one apply for the Art 50 EUV – for example if the first application fails but then circumstances change?

    For example, the authorities might deem that one’s income is too low to qualify (e.g. because one is currently unemployed, only able to find part-time work, or on a low UK Pension) and so might reject the application. Due to Covid-19 this is particularly relevant at the moment for those of us who work in the tourist industry and might very well have no work between now and Easter – and quite possibly into the summer as well. I have read the FAQs about timing the application to match the best circumstances possible, but even then, the first application might still be rejected.

    Is a rejection full and final (subject to appeal) or can one re-apply if circumstances change? If so, is there another limit to the number of applications (e.g. only one re-application is allowed) or a timeframe constraint (e.g. no re-application for 3 months after a rejection)?