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keithjdKeith Davies

    I actually asked the OeMTC legal team regarding the fact that the UK was formerly an EU member and the response was that it’s the facts in evidence at the time of the import that counts. Basically you’d need a very good lawyer to try and argue that one.

    “„Das Vereinigte Königreich hat mit Ablauf des 31. Jänner 2020 (Übergangsperiode bis 31. Dezember 2020) die Europäische Union verlassen, womit es nunmehr als Drittland anzusehen ist. Alle Kraftfahrzeuge, die aus diesem Gebiet importiert werden (unabhängig vom Erstzulassungsdatum), sind daher der Rechtslage im Zeitpunkt der Tatbestandsverwirklichung zu unterwerfen.“

    The two things you can maybe argue with them are:
    a) Get the manufacturers WLTP value for the vehicle. It’s not just about engine size, it’s about CO2 value and I would have thought a Hybrid should be lower.
    b) You need to get a proper valuation for the vehicle as they can be over valued in Austria

    Did you not look at the Importing guide on the website before doing it –

    The only exception that one of our members found was when the vehicle was first registered in the EU and then subsequently re-registered in the UK