Get your driving licence changed before 2021

Do you have a British driving licence but live in Austria? **The advice from the British Embassy is to swap your licence before the end of 2020 if you plan to stay in Austria. Read more here

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I would love to change my UK Driving License but the Austrian Authorities will not do it unless you have Permanent Residency

Thanks Keith for this information – which province are you in? You are not the first person to have encountered this issue – it was mentioned by someone in the Q&A to the Embassy, so we await what they have to say.

Hi Michael,

I logged it with the Embassy via their “Contact Us” and also on their Facebook Q&A.

I’m based near Tulln, Lower Austria. It is not clear that they are quite following their own/EU guidelines –

I would have thought that MeldezettelMeldezettel Austria requires everyone living in Austria (both Austrians and foreigners) to register their place(s) of residence with the local authorities. The confirmation of this registration is called a Meldebestätigung (EN: confirmation of registration), although it is still affectionately known to many by its former name (the Meldezettel). This is done at your Meldeamt in the Gemeinde or Bezirk you live in. You are required to do your registration within three days of arrival. It is important to do this also because your qualification for permanent residence starts to run from the point of your registration. is sufficient but they seem to also want AnmeldebescheinigungAnmeldebescheinigung Every EU citizen who intends to stay longer than 3 months, must apply for the Anmeldebescheinigung within 4 months of first arrival in Austria. This is essentially a snap-shot of your status at that time, and confirms you have fulfilled the conditions to stay in Austria for longer.
Your residence is still subject to certain rules.

Note: British Citizens could only apply for the Anmeldebescheinigung until the end of the transition period (31.12.2020) as well. Whether just the act of applying for Anmeldebescheinigung is enough I don’t know!