Working in Austria

Requests to confirm legal ability to work in Austria from 1 January 2021

British citizens have been being asked to prove their legal ability to work from 1 January 2021. has received information that at least one big international employer in Austria (anecdotal accounts also exist of others doing similar) is demanding that employees holding British citizenship are being asked to prove they can still legally work from 1 January 2021 (i.e. the end of the transition periodTransition Period The transition period (also referred to as the implementation period) is the period following the UK's departure from the European Union (on 31.01.2020) until the end of 2020. An option to extend this period has not been taken up by the UK government.) and are wanting some kind of official document by way of proof. In the case we have become aware of, despite the employer phoning the Brexit hotline, or the employee doing so themselves, having sent copies of the provisions of the law to their employers and contacting the British Embassy, their employer’s payroll handling entity has indicated that employment will be terminated if they fail to provide proof. is currently trying to collect information from UK citizens affected in this way, to allow us to pass the information onto our contacts at the respective authorities. Please make submissions through the following form.

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