How do I obtain a refund for an Article 50 card application that was overcharged for my child?

In July 2022, an amendment to the Gebührengesetz reduced the charge (Gebühr) for an Art 50 TEU card application by a minor from EUR 61.50 to EUR 26.30. More importantly the change was made retroactively with effect from 1 January 2021 (i.e. thereby covering all applications made for the Article 50 TEU card). For whom […]

Can an Article 50 card application/renewal be made without a valid British passport?

Issuing an Article 50 card requires a valid British passport to complete the procedure. However, you can still apply if you have proof of having applied for a new British passport. This issue crops up in a couple of common circumstances: Application for a card for a newborn baby (application required within three months of […]

Can my child born after 2021 also get an Article 50 card?

Children born after 31.12.2021 qualify for an Article 50 card. This has also been documented on the Austrian Federal Government website in English – “When and where do my family members need to apply?” and in German – “Wann und wo müssen meine Familienangehörigen den Antrag stellen?” If you have problems, let us know and […]

When can I convert my five year Article 50 card to a ten year one?

The BMIBundesministerium für Inneres The Bundesministerium für Inneres (BMI) / Ministry for the Interior (UK counterparty: the Home Office) is competent for public security, policing, border control as well as residency and citizenships. It is also responsible for elections and direct democracy instruments as well as the civil service in the respective provinces, as well […]

I still haven’t received an Article 50 card. What can I do?

The Ministry of the InteriorBMI The Bundesministerium für Inneres (BMI) – Austria’s Ministry for the Interior – is the competent ministry for issues related to residency and citizenship. already contacted the relevant authorities in early Spring to urge them to swiftly conclude any outstanding Article 50 card applications. For applications made in 2021, the BMIBundesministerium […]