My Corner of Austria

My Corner of Austria

Austria is a fabulously diverse country with many different landscapes – mountains, lakes, forests, cities – across its nine provinces. And it is not surprising that many British citizens have decided to make Austria their home. In 2022, we are inviting people to tell us about their particular corner of Austria, wherever they are located. Hopefully we will have a wide range of submissions from around the country. If you are interested in adding a brief piece about your corner of the country, please feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Since large cities often have so many districts each with their own distinctive flair, we have also allowed people to choose their own district in larger cities (option currently available for Vienna, Graz and Salzburg).

Within a Bezirk in a province (Bundesland) you are free to decide to talk about your town or village or that Bezirk as a whole.

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